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We teach safe lifelong driving skills


I am very nervous and have never driven a car before

No worries, Mark Cribb knows all areas of the Northern Rivers and will start off in a quiet area until you are comfortable and confident with your ability driving the car, no going onto main roads until you are ready.


Can you book my driving test?

Yes, we can book the test for you.


Can my parents or supervisor sit in on a lesson?

Yes, they can sit in as many times as they like.


Are your instructors Government Accredited?

Our Instructor Government Accredited and also have working with children accreditation.


Do your cars have dual control?

Yes, all of our cars have dual controls.


Will another learner sit in on my lesson?

No, unless you specify.


How long are the lessons?

Our normal lesson times are 60 minutes, but can be varied to suit students.


What if I fail my test?

We don't leave you high and dry after a driving test fail, we speak to the assessor after the test and go over test sheet, and work to rectify the problems so that you pass next time.


Manual or auto?

Most people know which form they wish to learn, but if undecided consider your circumstances. If you decide on automatic lessons, remember, that if you pass your test in an automatic, you will be restricted to only being permitted to drive an automatic. A test pass in a manual car will permit you to drive both manual and automatic vehicles.


Can I be picked up from home?

We pick students up from home, school, work place or an agreed upon location.


How do I pick a good driving school?

Take advantage of our offer to sit in on a lesson (with permission from the student learning) and judge for yourself.


Should I practice between lessons?

Any practice is good practice. If you have a suitable vehicle and accompanying driver to carry out private practice between lessons, your instructor will give you their professional advice on what you should work with. Each individual pupil progresses differently, and each vehicle has different characteristics, so your instructor will develop your instruction accordingly. Just because a friend may be doing something different with another instructor, doesn't mean either one is wrong.

Where we go

Northern Rivers

Ballina Shire Driver

Training covers most of 

the Northern Rivers area.


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